Breathing in Nature

What a better way to help manage anxieties and stresses of life, than to engage with nature. Sit back and imagine a cool breeze, breath deeply and let that fresh sensation engulf you, and almost immediately you can feel the stresses seeping away, recoiling to uncover realities of the moment, you are grounded. Now remember a walk in a forest, the leaves rustling, birds chirping merrily, the crunch of gravel under your footsteps, a cry of an animal, laughter of children and the smiling faces you meet coming towards you; or even better the silence of the forest in the early morning, nothing disturbing the birds as they busy themselves with the business of the day.

These engagements with nature are all we need at times to keep our stress levels in check, so at weekends, several times during the week, or on a bank holiday weekend like we have now; make an effort to step out into the countryside, walk, breath the fresh air, and reflect, remember all the positive things.

Nature has a way of making life seem more approachable, helping to ground us in the moment rather than over thinking situations which in reality can be dealt with.

The same applies to children, encourage your child to go outdoors, encourage them to think about life, freedom, go stretch their imagination and relate to all the positive vibes which come from a walk in the forest. Do this as often as you can and see the improvement in overall demeanour. The child will open up to you when they are feeling more secure, enriched by the environment, when they come into contact with positivity in this way.

I like to think that holiday periods are purposely built into our life schedules to allow for both adults and children to recharge. Time spent well is a natural way of healing, so this weekend, make an effort to relax, chat with friends and loved ones virtually, and take in the fresh air, do something different. Engaging with nature triggers endorphins which make us feel better, you feel better and you want to try it again (Bandura), and so the cycle begins, so get out there and give it a go! Healthy body and a healthy mind.

Published by Dr M

An Early Years Specialist in the areas of Education, Psychology, and Research, I am passionate about curriculum development and the benefits of IT in Early years for promoting creative thought, autonomy, and innovative teaching and learning. Throughout my career I have also been involved in raising awareness of the importance of outdoor play, the provision of training and development in Adult Education; improved Parental involvement, and also Psychological development and behavioural analysis particularly in children under 6yrs. As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I work with parents, schools, and preschools as consultant and mentor offering support and advice, training, and quality assurance with the aim of encouraging standardisation and recognition amongst the Early Years profession.

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