Social Competencies in Young Children

Definitions of Socio-emotional skills and social competency are seen as being different to IQ or intelligence, however, it is important to consider that these skills do interact with intellect, and this should be given consideration when measuring outcomes and abilities to build and maintain relationships.  Socio-emotional competency is further defined as the skills which helpContinue reading “Social Competencies in Young Children”

Lets get grubby!

Making the most of our Outdoor Environment My thoughts are brought back to Mid -Spring some 12 years ago, when completing a student Teacher assessment in a small town in Co Down.  The student had planned an outdoor activity, so I was indeed intrigued to receive her proposal engaging with an outdoor activity in aContinue reading “Lets get grubby!”

Wellbeing and Nature

Nature has long been associated with wellbeing, and good mental health. I am sure everyone has heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), in which people who normally exhibit stable mental health throughout the year, feel depressed and down, during the winter months. Often symptoms include feeling tired and lethargic, sleeping longer than normal and overeating.Continue reading “Wellbeing and Nature”

Building Resilience during Covid-19

For most of us living in Ireland our days have become ones of monotony and isolation, with no access to friends, and limited engagement with family. If you find yourself working from home, you now not only have the normal challenges of meeting the work requirements and deadlines, but also need to juggle children, engageContinue reading “Building Resilience during Covid-19”

Work – life balance – Can you really get it right?

Something we have all thought about, but not so easy to achieve. You have probably given this more thought in recent times due to the current pandemic. Have you ever felt like you are tied to your desk, the day passes you by, and before you know it lunch has gone, dinner time passed andContinue reading “Work – life balance – Can you really get it right?”